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My Vita


My name is Frauke Paetsch

Not following the normal "route" I first worked a year before I started studying. Since 2003 I work at SAP and reduced my working time after my daughter was born in 2015. I figured working full time, starting to be selfemployed and a little kid would be too much ;-)

Shortly after starting to work at SAP I didn't feel so good any more. It began slowly but soon it was obvious. Health, realationship and also at work it wasn't going right. Than I got diagnosed with ADD and Chronic Fatigue Syndrom. Spending some time in a health resort helped. But I only got really better when I started to meditate. Without proper guidance in the beginning I made lots of mistakes - or better said, my meditation wasn't as efficient as it could have been. Nonetheless a lot changed. And now I'm a meditation teacher myself. The technique I'm teaching is easy to learn und easy to integrate into your life. Since learning this technique my life has changed again for the better and is still changing.