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It's about this one moment. The moment you can describe with "nothing really changed but everything is kind of different". When your thoughts settle and a new thought arises that changes everything. When you are able to hear your inner voice again und you know exactly what you have to do. My job is to open the space for such a moment. To help you slow down your ever talking noisy thoughts long enough that you can hear your inner wisdom. To guide you to the place where you can see and hear clearly. Because than there is no hesitation because you just know what the next step will be

You don't need more information or fantastic tools. It's similar to healthy eating. Basically everyone knows what healthy eating looks like. But still they don't do it. Why? There is an unseen obstacle. But the obstacle is not missing knowledge - it's missing insight. As soon as you see everything is so easy.


Coaching Packages

Walk: 3 sessions - 3 months: You want to find out what your dream is and if it's feasible.

Hike: 6 sessions - 6 months: You are ready to let your dream come true.

Marathon: 12 sessions - 12 months: You want to see your dream come to life.

Around the block (free of charge): The possibility to get to know each other and to check out if we want to work together.



My clients are people who really want to change. People being responsible for their lifes. People brave enough to look at the stuff holding them back and to see and hear the truth. That can be uncomfortable. And it requires commitment. If you are one of those people I'm happy to help your dreams become a reality.