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Perhaps for you the answer to this question is quite simple. From time to time it's difficult for me. Yesterday I read something in a book (Coming Home: Uncovering the Foundations of Psychological Well-being, Bettinger, Dr. Dicken) that really helped me: intuition is calm, quiet and without any special reason you know what to do and when. Ego is excited and leads to bustling activity. As I read that I could suddenly see clearly how this applied to my life. It's exactly like that. When my inner wisdom - my intuition - was guiding me, I knew with absolut clarity what to do. And I was calm and relaxed. I did one thing after the other. There was no doubt no hesitation. It doesn't matter what I did in my life. If done that way and with that guidance it just worked out like magic. Quietly without any hustle and bustle. One example was going to Canada for my dipoma thesis. I just wanted to go to Canada. I still can't tell why. And I got two contacts. But I only wrote to one. And it worked. Just like that. I had a fantastic time I will never forget!

And when my ego "guided" me? Mostly it ended in a bigger or smaller disaster. And if I'm honest - I usually had some not so good feelings. But what is more important: I wasn't 100% sure. Asking others was just one symptom. Discussing, thinking. Postponing. The ideas didn't unravel so well. Or I was looking for "signs". And there was this feeling of urgency. That it has to be done now! Just a totally different energy.

What I'm really curious is, if I'm able to apply this to future ideas to come. We'll see. But it made a whole lot of difference to me to see that I have the chance to get the difference. And I see quite a few things of not going so well in a different light. I understand better what went wrong. And as a consequence of these insights I'm going to cancel my meditation evenings and workshops until further notice. Offering something like that is a great idea but not quite right for me at the moment. When my intuition tells me to offer it again I'll let you know.