Sooner or later you stumble upon forgiveness when engaging in the fields of personality development, self love or spirituality. Also in psychotherapy it's talked about. Yesterday I repeatedly discovered the big difference between understanding something intellectually and having an insight. It was kind clear to me why it's useful to forgive myself and others. As long as I haven't forgiven completely those bad feelings keep lingering and poisening my life. Yesterday I such a big insight into forgiveness - honestly I cried because it went so deep. I saw that I really can't love myself or someone else truely if I don't forgive. Those feelings which keep me from truely forgiving stand between my love and myself or the other person. They prevent my love from getting where it's supposed to go. Or if my love reaches it's destination it's deformed. Crumbled. That's the one thing. The other thing is - there is nothing to forgive! Really! Whatever I (or the other person) did which is regarded as "bad" was done from a place of innocence. Innocence because I didn't know what else to do. I didn't know better. I was helpless, lost. And in my head there was just noise. Millions of thoughts keeping my inner wisdom from coming throug. So how could I have been able to act wiser? I couldn't. That's why there is nothing to forgive because I acted innocently unknwoningly.